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Micro-USB is going out

24 Jul

And it is making way for the new and promising USB-C connector. I was ignoring this development until I bought Xiaomi Mi5 (upgraded from Xiaomi Mi4) and the new phone came with a different type of connector. 

My initial reaction was why do I now need to have a different cable for my phone after all these years of peace when I could plug-in any micro usb cable for data transfer or charging. 

I went online and found that instead of being an irritant, this new connector at one end of the same cable is the next big thing in phone world. The first advantage that I read and then checked with my phone is that the connector need not be flipped to align with the phone correctly. USB Type C is reversible, i.e there is no top side to it. This is an advantage mainly in the dark when you are trying to plug in your phone to charge overnight and it’s not going in. But there are more advantages to it, otherwise why will someone just change the whole thing ao that people can easily put thier phone to charge in the dark!

As I plugged in to charge, it took just 90 minutes for a full charge and I said wow! That’s cool! So, this is the first cable which is geared for power and not just charging. My phone has a 3000 mAh battery. Tabketsand power banks have even larger batteries and it is important that they charge quickly but safely. USB Type C connectors supporting USB 3.1 standard bridges that gap between the ever growing size of batteries and the rates at which it can be charged.

It betters the old cable in data transfer rates as well. It supports USB 3.1 which support a blazing 10 gigabits per second. So transferrimg movies to the phone storage to watch during the flight will be done in a jiffy.

Now, all this is good. But I will not be able to use cables and chargers borrowed from others at office! What I understood from reading online reviews is that soon others will be using USB Type C too as most manufacturers are adopting it because of the impressive list of advantages. Even Apple famed at its proprietary cables are changing to USB Type C both for charging and data transfer in their laptops. As more and more devices adopt USB Type C, there will be again peace in the world and you can use any of your cables and use them on your phone, laptoo or tablet till in 3-4 years you get something new again. Let’s hope it goes wireless next time.