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u Rocked! iBow

6 Oct

Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

A modern day Edison. No person had a greater impact on human life through technology. He revolutionized the way products should be designed. He was one of the best business minds at the same time.

The embedded video is of the speech he made in 2005 at Stanford University. I especially liked his first story – connecting the dots where he said that had he not dropped out to attend a calligraphy class at college, the personal computers would have never had fonts. He is right that we should do what our heart desires and listen to our inner voice. If we continue, the dots will someday connect. Thank you, Steve Jobs. iInspired.

Smart Homes

9 Aug

I have this fascination for networking and automating my home to transform it into a smart home. Although, some sort of basic electronic automation applications are being used in many homes here recently, it still cannot be called a trend.

In my home, I have a wireless network setup using a basic Netgear wireless router for the laptops and a wired network for the desktops with printer sharing. I plan to add an IP surveillance camera for the main gate and connect the TV to the network so that I can watch my movies on the bigger screen and share photos. But there is a lot of solutions available out there for designing a truly smart home.

controlThe wide variety of solutions available like wireless networking,home theatre design with audio video integration across the home, automated lighting and electrical appliances control, curtain control, security and HVAC systems that bring technology to your home and blend it with the interiors. The result is that all the wires and controllers are hidden away somewhere and your home is transformed into a smart home customized to suit your lifestyle. Continue reading

Netbook Softwares

2 Aug

The netbook is not same as the desktop or even a regular laptop. The processing power and other resources available in a netbook is considerably less and to make best use of them it is necessary to use alternative software options.

I went through a lot of computer forums and after reading comments from a lot of netbook reviews, I found the following softwares to be popular choices. Continue reading

I finally got my netbook

26 Jul

I had to. From the time, Asus and then MSI launched their netbooks, I am following closely with drooling eyes the development of these cool gadgets. I made up my mind that I need one of these long time but waited for the technology to get better a bit.


I decided on Lenovo Ideapad S 10-2 but ultimately went for the Samsung N110 because of the free external DVD writer offer and my good experience with Samsung products.( I have recently bought a air-conditioner, refrigerator and two mobile phones and their service is exemplary.)

I was following the reviews of the leading netbooks on offer for quite some time and Samsung fared quite well in all of them. Although there is not much to differentiate from one netbook to another, the Samsung NC10, the predecessor of my N110 was a clear winner and won a lot of praises in most reviews I read online. Continue reading

Bandra Worli Sea Link

7 Jun


UPDATE: The bridge is to be opened by Congress President Sonia Gandhi on June 30,2009.

Finally, the much hyped infrastructure masterpiece Bandra Worli Sea Link is to opened in the middle of this month after a five year delay. Started in 2001, the construction of the 5.6 km sea link was embroiled in numerous issues like logistical, environmental clearance and public interest litigation, leading to its delay and cost escalation.

And tourist operators are busy trying to get permission to get permission to halt their tourist buses on the bridge! Continue reading