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Result-oriented Test Captain

27 Mar

I was going through some Cricinfo Stats on most capped Test Captain. I was somewhat struck by the number of draws by Kapil Dev which is a staggering 22 of the 34 Test Matches he had captained. I tried to figure out who were the most result-oriented captains as per lowest number of draws. I just copied the stats provided in the Cricinfo page and added a percentage of draws coloumn to the right and ranked the captains accordingly. The result is in the attached PDF file (Result Oriented Test Captains).

The Top 10 International Result-Oriented Test Captains (Minimum 25 Matches)

Rank Player Span Mat
1 SR Waugh (Aus) 1999-2004 57
2 WM Woodfull (Aus) 1930-1934 25
3 RT Ponting (Aus) 2004-2010 77
4 MJ Clarke (Aus) 2011-2014 37
5 Wasim Akram (Pak) 1993-1999 25
6 ST Jayasuriya (SL) 1999-2002 38
7 DPMD Jayawardene (SL) 2006-2013 38
8 MA Taylor (Aus) 1994-1999 50
9 BC Lara (WI) 1997-2006 47
10 MS Dhoni (India) 2008-2014 53

It is no surprise that the last 3 Australian Test Captains are all in the top bracket. Mark Taylor, Steve Waugh and Ricky Ponting have led Australia through their Golden Age which is evident from their stunning 62.50% Winning record. A W/L ratio of 3.03 is no revealation of the fact that during the period from 1994 – 2010 they were the side to beat. They were undoubtedly result-oriented with only 16.85% of the matched Australia played in the 16 years during the trio’s captaincy resulting in draws. It speaks volumes of their captaincy as well as the winning appetite of the Australian cricket system.

CricketMS Dhoni is now in that club with Rank 10. If only he could better his overseas captaincy record somewhat, he will undoubtedly end-up as one of the most result-oriented captains of the present generation along with MJ Clarke (Aus).

I then did the same with the List of Indian Test Captains. The criteria was a minimum of 5 matches as captain and atleast 1 win.

The Top Indian Result-Oriented Test Captians 

Rank Player Span Mat
1 BS Bedi 1976-1978 22
2 MS Dhoni 2008-2014 53
3 Nawab of Pataudi 1962-1975 40
4 DB Vengsarkar 1987-1989 10
5 SC Ganguly 2000-2005 49
6 GS Ramchand 1959-1960 5
7 M Azharuddin 1990-1999 47
8 A Kumble 2007-2008 14
9 R Dravid 2003-2007 25
10 L Amarnath 1947-1952 15
11 SR Tendulkar 1996-2000 25
12 PR Umrigar 1955-1958 8
13 AL Wadekar 1971-1974 16
14 VS Hazare 1951-1953 14
15 SM Gavaskar 1976-1985 47
16 N Kapil Dev 1983-1987 34
17 NJ Contractor 1960-1962 12

Kapil Dev is Rank 51 in this list of International Captains and Rank 16 in the List of Indian captains. This does not speak much of the quality of his captaincy. Rather, it shows the nature of Indian game play during that period (1983 -87). Md. Azharuddin who was the next regular Test Captain after Kapil Dev, somewhat changed the system but it was ultimately Sourav Ganguly who brought-in the culture of winning which is evident from the following:

Player Span Mat Won Lost Tied Draw %D
N Kapil Dev 1983-1987 34 4 7 1 22 64.71%
M Azharuddin 1990-1999 47 14 14 0 19 40.43%
SR Tendulkar 1996-2000 25 4 9 0 12 48.00%
SC Ganguly 2000-2005 49 21 13 0 15 30.61%
R Dravid 2003-2007 25 8 6 0 11 44.00%
A Kumble 2007-2008 14 3 5 0 6 42.86%
MS Dhoni 2008-2014 53 26 14 0 13 24.53%

Bishen Singh Bedi remains the most result-0riented captain as per the following criteria till date. However, I left him out as it was not the times to compare with the team having won only 6 of the 22 matches he captained in.

(The complete list is attached.)


29 July, 1911

8 Aug

I hardly get time to maintain my existing websites. However,  I just entered into a new one. Ideated by Dad, I registered www.29july1911.in to create a  mini website on the great day celebrated as Mohun Bagan Day every year on which Mohun Bagan won the IFA Shiled for the first time. Continue reading

Forbes: Dhoni earning more than Sachin

6 Sep

dhoniMahendra Singh Dhoni is in news for something not directly related to cricket. After the Mittals and Ambanis, India now has a cricketer in the haloed lists of rich people published by Forbes magazine.

According to the Forbes magazine, Dhoni is now the richest cricketer making $10 million last year. He has surpassed even the legendary and India’s probably first super rich cricketer Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin however is still the country’s highest tax paying cricketer pulling out a whooping 8.1 crore rupees as tax this year.

The rise of this long haired bloke from Ranchi, a town not known for cricketers was phenomenal. The man has climbed up the ranks fast, never in awe of being in a club of legends like Sachin and Dravid, he established himself in the team finally ending India’s long search for a wicketkeeper who can bat. He grabbed the captain’s cap first in the ODIs and then after Kumble’s retirement in the Tests. The script of his career has been till now just remarkable. Continue reading

Sourav Ganguly is making news and quite regularly

17 Jul

Sourav Ganguly surely has not lost his habit of making news and remaining in the public eye even after retirement from international cricket.

He has his plate full and no body is doubting that! First, he showed that he is there to stay in the cricket world by signing up with ESPN for a short stint at the commentary box during the World Twenty20 tournament in England. Continue reading

Malathi Holla – a story of will power

9 Jul

As I grew up I realised that you need legs to run and wings to fly. I was hurt. But I didn’t give up. I knew, one day, I would run… – Malathi K. Holla

malathiMalathi Holla is a character to emulate, a personality to admire and a sportsperson to idolize. She did not let her physical handicap which kept her bound to her wheel-chair since when she was just a 15 month old girl because of polio.

Malathi Holla launched her first authorized biography A Different Spirit on July 8, 2009. Clearly, it was an evening that celebrated the triumph of the human spirit over physical handicap. Cricket legend Syed Kirmani released the book authored by enior journalist and CorpCom Head of Hindustan Aeronauticals Limited M. Anantha Krishnan. Continue reading

Leander does it again!

7 Jun

leander-lucasAs majority of Indian sport lovers had their eyes fixed on the India Bangladesh T20 match, Leander Paes quietly won the French Open doubles title with his Czech partner Lukas Dlouhy.

The third seeded Indo-Czech pair defeated the giant-killing South African-Belgian pair 3-6 6-3 6-2 to win their first Grand Slam title together and Leander’s ninth. After losing the first set, Paes and Dlouhy staged a brilliant comeback and completely overwhelmed Moodie-Norman, who had upset second seeded Americans Mike and Bob Bryan in the semifinals.

Leander and Dlouhy had famous supporters in Microsoft founder Bill Gates and former tennis player Martina Navratilova at the Roland Garros in Paris.

Continue reading

Ganguly starts second innings as commentator

3 Jun

souravSourav Ganguly can hardly be kept out of action. Within a fortnight of returning from South Africa, he has been in the news for a number of reasons.

He is busy as ever as a columnist in the print media. He has already been well accepted by not just his fans but in the cricketing fraternity for his unique crisp style of writing.

Businessman by birth, construction is going on in full scale for the six storeyed building where he plans to start a ICSE board school despite agitation from localites fearing traffic congestion. Continue reading