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Obama in India

3 Nov

Barrack Obama and IndiaObama is reaching Mumbai on November 6, 2010 for a 4 day trip. As usual here in India, visit of the president of United States is a big event. This will be his longest stay in a foreign country in still early days of his tenure. Moreover, by not visiting Pakistan on this tour, the US wants to send out a clear message about the importance it gives on its relations with the rising Asian power. Continue reading


Obituary : Gayatri Devi

29 Jul

gayatriMaharani Gayatri Devi is a personality that attracted me since childhood. Recognized as one of the ten leading beauties of the world by the fashion magazine Vogue, the Maharani of Jaipur breather her last today at a Jaipur hospital at the age of 90.

She was a successful politician and known for her philanthropic activities. She was a strong activist for the right for education of the girl child. She started schools for girls’ education in Jaipur, most prominent of which is the Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls’ Public School. She also promoted the dying art of blue pottery. Continue reading

Sourav Ganguly is making news and quite regularly

17 Jul

Sourav Ganguly surely has not lost his habit of making news and remaining in the public eye even after retirement from international cricket.

He has his plate full and no body is doubting that! First, he showed that he is there to stay in the cricket world by signing up with ESPN for a short stint at the commentary box during the World Twenty20 tournament in England. Continue reading

How will budget affect your shopping list?

6 Jul

pranab-mukherjeePranab Mukherjee as Finance Minister presented the first budget of the new Congress government.The stock market tanked by almost 850 points as expectations were more than what was delivered in the 100 minute budget speech. However, the main concerns were addressed by the 73 year old minister –  stimulus on growth, focus on infrastructure development, simplicity in taxes, job creation and modernization of the police and army. Continue reading

Full Text of Budget Speech – 2009

6 Jul

pranab-mukherjeeMadam Speaker,

I rise to present the Budget for 2009-10.

2. Just 140 days back, I had the privilege to present the Interim Budget for 2009-10. It is a rare honour that I have been called upon to present the regular budget after the new government assumed office.

3. The Congress-led UPA government has come back to power with a renewed mandate. As Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, said recently “It is a mandate for continuity, stability and prosperity. It is a mandate for inclusive growth and equitable development.” It is a mandate that we accept with humility and a firm resolve to do all that we can for the welfare of this nation.

4. I am deeply conscious of the faith reposed by the people in our government and the responsibilities that come with it. I am sensitive to the great challenge of rising expectations of a young India. It reflects a population that is restless, yet engaged and is ready to seize the opportunities that it is presented with. There are new and powerful reasons for us to create, facilitate and sustain those opportunities. Continue reading

Trinamool TV : Jago Bangla

1 Jul

jago-banglaAfter a thumping win over the Left Front in the Lok Sabha Elections 2009, Mamata is not the person to relax. She is instead planning to up the ante against the Leftists and start the ground work for the Assembly Elections in 2011.

Her party Trinamool Congress, after realizing the immense influence of the 24 hour news channels is planning to launch their own media house to take on “24 Ghanta” and “Aakash Bangla” news channels both run by CPM members. Not much surprise in the name of the proposed channel “Jago Bangla” though. The party already runs a weekly mouthpiece of the same name. Jago Bangla was also her warcry during her struggle against the government all through the runup to the elections starting from Singur, Nandigram and finally the election campaign. Continue reading

Country obsessed with religion duped again!

3 Jun

fraudEven in the twenty-first century, ours is a country obsessed with religion. We refuse to learn from our mistakes.

From time to time. this obsession has been taken advantage of in different ways. To politicians using religion and issues relating to religion is still probably the surest way to win power.

This time it was the turn of a doctor turned fraudster Ashok Didwalia who claimed he could triple investments in a fortnight by the blessings of a local deity. Continue reading