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Movies on Google Play

20 Jul

I have recently been subscribing and watching to a few movies on Google Play. At INR 25 to INR 80, the rates within which I got my choice of old classics or popular movies from 10 ,years back, I found Google Play to be quite economical.

As suggested by my brother, after subscribing to the movies from the mobile Google Play app, I went to the Youtube app on my LG Smart TV and found the movies in the Library easily. With the display connected on my home broadband wifi, the viewing was a good experience. The display is connected to a Sony Home Theatre System which gave it a theatre like experience at home on my bed.

Now, it clearly seemed to be a better choice than downloading movies on torrent all through the night. It means keeping the laptop on for long hours and there is always the uncertainty of the quality of the movie downloaded. I have also faced issues where the movie downloaded has turned out to be a crude hall copy or worse – dubbed in a different language!!! 

Tetris Effect

6 Jun

The exact date was June 6,1984 when I was born in the Soviet Union. My father Alexey Leonidovich Pajitnov is a computer Engineer and he derived my name from his favourite sport tennis. I am loved worldwide and I am the playmate of millions of mobile phone users. Today, it is my 25th birthday and even Google is celebrating it! Who am I?

tetris-bdayYes…Tetris. The iconic videogame completes 25 years puzzling and frustrating video gamers across the globe. Benn Parr on Mashable blogs ” This classic game has been a time-wasting staple for millions of people worldwide.” The reason for the popularity of the game is probably it is damn frustrating – you can never win it! The player is doomed to loose unlike in more older popular games like Pacman, Asteroids, Space Invaders, etc.

Mr Pajitnov, speaking in an interview with the Guardian newspaper, described how he came up with the idea to distract him from his work on a large Soviet-built Elektronika 60 computer.

He said: “I started to put together all kinds of mathematical puzzles and diversions that I had loved all my life.

“The program wasn’t complicated. There was no scoring, no levels. But I tetris09started playing and I couldn’t stop.

“I think that most of the classic games written in the 80s or early 90s are dead just because their authors or owners didn’t care about them.”

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