Finally NET4 Helpdesk understood

3 Feb

Finally got Net4 Helpdesk to understand what I wanted. After months of trying to convince them that it had nothing to do with Google Sites, I managed to make them forward the naked domain of to the www subdomain which was pointed to Google Sites. The threat to transfer all my domains (4 currently) to some other service provider worked, it seems.
I also managed to map my newly registered domain with easily through the Google Sites settings. It was good to see that it allows mapping multiple custom domains without any problem. Also, updated the site a bit and added a new page on Mohun Bagan Ratna recipients, makes me feel happy. Hopefully, with the new domain the website will attract some more traffic.


Every weakness can be a Strength

11 Sep

I found this on Facebook and liked it.

Adobe Reader now best .pdf reader for WP8

19 Aug

Finally, the folks at Adobe spares some time for the WP8 platform. The much awaited feature of being able to open .pdf files from SD Card is added with the latest update.
Now, I can organize my .pdf files in multiple levels of folders inside the SD Card and access the same for the Adobe app.
Everything works smooth. I tested on number of files. It only failed to open a 650MB scanned Calvin Hobbes Comic which I understand must be a issue with the file size. Otherwise, I feel happy now that I can open all my pdf on my phone.

The new airlines and the old

7 Jul

AirAsia is the newest airline in Indian domestic skies and its creating some news about its promise of disruptive fares. I believe the largest low-cost carrier in Asia in terms of fleet size and passengers carried will have some affect in the industry here when it launches in October although it will focus in South India.

While reading about AirAsia, I went to this page on Wikipedia List of Airlines of India. Apart from the list of currently registered airlines, it also has a list of defunct airlines. It is a interesting reading with names like Himalayan Aviation and Indian National Airways which existed before independence and were nationalized to merge with Indian Airlines after 1947.

Just a test of the WordPress app on WP8

9 Jun

The WordPress app on Windows Phone 8. I like that it can be used on landscape mode when you move to typing in the body of the post after keying in the title. Let me see whether I enjoy using this app to cover my upcoming tour.

Paanch Adhyay

22 Oct

It was time well spent, even on Maha Saptami evening. Paanch Adhyay proves that Bengali Cinema which had witnessed a point of inflection in the last couple years is now shining. It is especially heartening in this context as this film is of the romance genre and not drama which has been the common point of the recent list of movies making the cut. And by the almost houseful audience at the Priya Cinemas show clearly meant that the word is spreading.

Paanch Adhyay was a sensory experience. A movie that will leave you asking whether you are true to your relationships. It will make you re-evaluate your current relationships and make you think twice before making a new commitment.

Pratim D. Gupta has lived up to expectations in his debut film itself and showed his class in each one of the 5 parts of the movie. The music had already given the indication, the movie has been clearly lifted up to the next level by the rich and classy diction of the director. I dont recall having seen any movie of the romantic genre where the entire composition was so packed and the kept the audience waiting. The pace of the movie was not of a thriller though and built up gradually till the dramatic scene before the interval where the husband tries to suffocate her sleeping wife with a pillow.
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5 Apps I use most

14 Oct

ICS has this nice feature which allows you to arrange the apps in “Most Used” order. This is helpful as it keeps the apps I am most likely to open on the first page. This makes accessing the most used apps more faster.

So, if I ignore Phone and Messaging, which are the apps I use most?

The first is Facebook. I am almost addicted to it. When I am not updating my status messaging, I am going through the News Feed. It keeps me updated about what my equally Facebook crazy friends are up-to. With the latest update of the app, it is now possible to chat with online Facebook friends from inside the app only.

The next most used app is Gmail. No surprise there. I likely the new look of the Gmail app in ICS. It is extremely easy to use.

Then I have the TOI app. This app from Times of India keeps me abreast of the latest happenings in India and elsewhere. The app is regularly updated and everytime I open it, there is usually something new. Even the City section, where I check news on Kolkata, is also updated quite often.

Firefox come in at the fourth place. Firefox is miles ahead of the native browser even in ICS. I especially like the UI. The Android Add-ons are of not much help though with not many good options available. I also have Chrome installed but prefer Firefox.

Twitter is at the fifth place.