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Any suggestion for Free Email for custom domain?

26 Aug

I had been using custom domain from my college days and always liked sharing my own email IDs. Registering domains have become straightforward and cheap but the use of custom domain for email by individuals has not caught on.

Earlier Google Apps which is now renamed as Google Suite used to offer free email for own domain and luckily I have an active account from that time which allows me to continue using my email IDs

I recently tried searching for similar free service providers but did not find any reliable service. Zoho Mail seems to be the only option which allows 5 free accounts. I am planning to check out the service soon.

Any other such service which can be relied upon for long term usage for personal use for free or at minimal cost?

Wishes of a frequent flyer!

23 May

A couple of flights a week is such a routine in the life of working professionals today, especially those in sales profiles like me. Kissing good-bye early morning to your sleeping daughter every few days is not easy. Even after following the same routine for years and accepting it as part of life, it never gets easy to wake up and quickly get ready for the early morning flight to reach the destination on time by the first working hour. Then comes the hassle of explaining the grumpy cab driver, usually on the first or last trip of his working day, the directions to your destination which he can easily see in his driver’s app but chooses to not start driving to the location till you call.

This brings me to the first wish, traveling to the airport especially just at daybreak would have been so much easy had there been a cheaper option to park my personal vehicle at the airport for a couple of days. Add to this the benefit of straight walking out of the airport and drive your vehicle home. Anyone who has reached Kolkata late into the evening knows the trouble of getting a cab ahead of everyone else arriving, the irritation of having to pay a fare surged by few times citing rush hour by the cab operators and eventually waiting for at least fifteen minutes for the cab to arrive when you just want to get home and sleep.

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Officer’s Kitchen

22 Dec

2017 has been an interesting for year with great moments. One of the best experiences has been our successful endeavour to open a restaurant and corporate catering Services company in Kolkata along with friends and family. Check out the website at

Blog on Smart Cities Mission

16 Aug

I have just created a blog on collating and curating information on the technology going behind making smart cities. This is a personal development initiative that I have taken up to be aware of the latest developments going on.

The news articles will be mostly sourced from other blogs or portals with my views added to it. I plan to add more contributors as the blog grows.

Lost World

25 Oct


Just came across this pic posted by a friend in Facebook.

25 Feb

I have started a new blog at  (……)