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Movies on Google Play

20 Jul

I have recently been subscribing and watching to a few movies on Google Play. At INR 25 to INR 80, the rates within which I got my choice of old classics or popular movies from 10 ,years back, I found Google Play to be quite economical.

As suggested by my brother, after subscribing to the movies from the mobile Google Play app, I went to the Youtube app on my LG Smart TV and found the movies in the Library easily. With the display connected on my home broadband wifi, the viewing was a good experience. The display is connected to a Sony Home Theatre System which gave it a theatre like experience at home on my bed.

Now, it clearly seemed to be a better choice than downloading movies on torrent all through the night. It means keeping the laptop on for long hours and there is always the uncertainty of the quality of the movie downloaded. I have also faced issues where the movie downloaded has turned out to be a crude hall copy or worse – dubbed in a different language!!! 

Every weakness can be a Strength

11 Sep

I found this on Facebook and liked it.

Just a test of the WordPress app on WP8

9 Jun

The WordPress app on Windows Phone 8. I like that it can be used on landscape mode when you move to typing in the body of the post after keying in the title. Let me see whether I enjoy using this app to cover my upcoming tour.

5 Apps I use most

14 Oct

ICS has this nice feature which allows you to arrange the apps in “Most Used” order. This is helpful as it keeps the apps I am most likely to open on the first page. This makes accessing the most used apps more faster.

So, if I ignore Phone and Messaging, which are the apps I use most?

The first is Facebook. I am almost addicted to it. When I am not updating my status messaging, I am going through the News Feed. It keeps me updated about what my equally Facebook crazy friends are up-to. With the latest update of the app, it is now possible to chat with online Facebook friends from inside the app only.

The next most used app is Gmail. No surprise there. I likely the new look of the Gmail app in ICS. It is extremely easy to use.

Then I have the TOI app. This app from Times of India keeps me abreast of the latest happenings in India and elsewhere. The app is regularly updated and everytime I open it, there is usually something new. Even the City section, where I check news on Kolkata, is also updated quite often.

Firefox come in at the fourth place. Firefox is miles ahead of the native browser even in ICS. I especially like the UI. The Android Add-ons are of not much help though with not many good options available. I also have Chrome installed but prefer Firefox.

Twitter is at the fifth place.


Forced back to Android

1 Jul

I lost my phone last Thursday. Infact it was stolen by some magician thief through the open window of my car while I was stuck at a traffic signal while driving home from work.

I was loving my Samsung Omnia I 8530 Windows Phone. The 3 things that I liked specially about windows phone had to be the fantastic display, cool new and refreshing metro UI and the Wordament game. I was getting quite addicted to the game. Unfortuantely, it is yet to be released for the Android platform. Although I am not all a gamer, I had the feel that Windows Phone was better geared towards gaming than Android. I read quite afew online reviews which agreed with me.

I had to get a new phone. The new Xperia NXT series from the rejuvenated Sony stable had my eyes fixated from some time and I had to go for the Sony Xperia U affordably priced at INR 16,499. More on the new phone soon.

How is Inflation calculated in India?

9 Oct

I had to prepare an assignment on how inflation is measured in India. So, I did some basic study online and thought about sharing the details.

In India, inflation is calculated based on the Wholesale Price Index (WPI). WPI measures changes in price of a representative basket of wholesale goods. The purpose of WPI is to monitor price movements that reflect supply and demand in industry, manufacturing and construction. This helps in analysing macroeconomic and micro-economic conditions.

India is one of the few countries that are using WPI to calculate inflation. Most of the developed countries use CPI or Consumer Price Index. There is a on-going debate on whether India should move from WPI to CPI-IW to calculate inflation.

The WPI data is published every week with a two week lag. As per widely discussed news reports, our inflation rate for Aug, 11 stands at 9.78%. So, how is this calculated.

Basically, by 9.78%, we mean the annual rate of year-on-year inflation rate based on WPI. Inflation rates are regularly updated at

The WPI data is available at

So, the formula for calculation of the inflation from WPI is (WPI, Aug 2011 – WPI Aug, 2010) * WPI Aug, 2010 *100%

(154.9-141.1)*141.1*100 gives us 9.78%.

While drafting this post, I was looking at how to add mathematical equations in WordPress posts. However, it will some time to understand.

With Friends at CCD on MahaShashti

2 Oct







Great to get back in touch with college friends after long time. Thanks to Indrani for the initiative. Thanks Manoj, Goutam, Sayanto, Sukdev, Avik, Anwesha, Swarendu and Shubhro. We had hours of adda at the Golpark CCD. It was great to meet all of you after such a long time. Missed those who could not manage.