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Infionetics Report: Siemens Enterprise – only PBX vendor gaining share

20 Jun

According to a report published by communications market research firm Infonetics Research, in these tough times when the enterprise communications market players are sufferring worldwide, Siemens is the only PBX vendor gaining share quarter-over-quarter in 1Q09, up 13%.

Cisco had the worst quarter (vs. 4Q08), but held on to the top revenue spot, slightly ahead of Avaya. Continue reading

LifeSize has launched software based HD Video Conferencing

20 Jun

lifesize-logoLifeSize Communications on Monday rolled out high-definition video conferencing software designed to extend boardroom video conferencing systems outside the office.

The software has been designed primarily to meet the demands of LifeSize customers, both large and small enterprises, who want to extend their existing vide0-conferencing systems installed in their board rooms to allow their executives on the road. Continue reading

Designing a video conference room

12 Jun

Recently, a prospective client wanted to know what are the basic factors to consider while designing a video conference room.

With video conference becoming a business tool most companies are considering to cut travel costs, this surely will come up again and again during discussions with clients. So, I decided to do some googling on “video conference room design.”

VC1From what I found in the internet, it was clear that the room design plays an important role in the video conference and cannot be ignored. Continue reading

CCTV Terms and Definitions

10 Jun

ALC (Automatic Level Control) On AL lenses, aka peak/average control. Adjusting this control allows the auto iris circuitry to either take bright spots

Activity Detection A feature of the generation 3 multiplexor range that uses video motion detection techniques to improve camera update

Alarming The ability of CCTV equipment to respond to an input signal, normally a simple switch closure. The response varies

Analog A signal in which any level is represented by a directly proportional voltage; not digital.

Angle of View The maximum scene angle that can be seen through a lens.

Aperture The lens opening that controls the amount of light reaching the pickup device (imager)

Aspherical Lens A lens designed with a non spherical shape so that it refracts the light passing through it either lower the lens aperture so that it passes more light or decreases barrel distortion on wide angle lenses. Continue reading

CCTV Surveillance System

10 Jun

cctvBefore joining Siemens Enterprise Communications, I was with Panorama Electronics Pvt. Ltd. – one of the leading system integrators in the field of electronic security solutions in Eastern India.

Panorama is more popular in this region as a consumer electronics company. It took a strategic decision to foray into other sectors like real estate, steel and electronic security solutions some time back.

It was fun to be part of the dynamic group of guys at the Electronic Security division at Panorama. By the time I left Panorama after one and half years, I had begun to enjoy the field – the technologies involved, the people and the work.

It was interesting know from Wikipedia that “the first CCTV system was installed by Siemens AG at Test Stand VII in Peenemünde, Germany in 1942, for observing the launch of V2-rockets. The noted German engineer Walter Bruch was responsible for the design and installation of the system.”

During my Panorama days, when I met clients, they were often confused about the camera to choose. With the influx of the  “Chinese” low quality cheap cameras, most people were confused. Continue reading

HiPath shows the path

23 May

logo_siemensAfter moving on to SECPL (Siemens Enterprise Communications Pvt. Ltd.) in January, I had a rocky few months adjusting to a new environment, understanding the products in a totally new field and missing marketing electronic security which I was beginning to enjoy so much.

Recently, after successfully implementing two small projects I feel a bit relaxed and at the same time raring to go with a bit of confidence up my sleeve because I feel I am beginning to understand what this new stuff is all about.

Now, since my job still pays more than my blog, its time to do some net-savvy marketing. Let me introduce you to the company I work for. It hardly needs introduction. Let me tell where we stand today.

Continue reading