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Movies on Google Play

20 Jul

I have recently been subscribing and watching to a few movies on Google Play. At INR 25 to INR 80, the rates within which I got my choice of old classics or popular movies from 10 ,years back, I found Google Play to be quite economical.

As suggested by my brother, after subscribing to the movies from the mobile Google Play app, I went to the Youtube app on my LG Smart TV and found the movies in the Library easily. With the display connected on my home broadband wifi, the viewing was a good experience. The display is connected to a Sony Home Theatre System which gave it a theatre like experience at home on my bed.

Now, it clearly seemed to be a better choice than downloading movies on torrent all through the night. It means keeping the laptop on for long hours and there is always the uncertainty of the quality of the movie downloaded. I have also faced issues where the movie downloaded has turned out to be a crude hall copy or worse – dubbed in a different language!!! 

Paanch Adhyay

22 Oct

It was time well spent, even on Maha Saptami evening. Paanch Adhyay proves that Bengali Cinema which had witnessed a point of inflection in the last couple years is now shining. It is especially heartening in this context as this film is of the romance genre and not drama which has been the common point of the recent list of movies making the cut. And by the almost houseful audience at the Priya Cinemas show clearly meant that the word is spreading.

Paanch Adhyay was a sensory experience. A movie that will leave you asking whether you are true to your relationships. It will make you re-evaluate your current relationships and make you think twice before making a new commitment.

Pratim D. Gupta has lived up to expectations in his debut film itself and showed his class in each one of the 5 parts of the movie. The music had already given the indication, the movie has been clearly lifted up to the next level by the rich and classy diction of the director. I dont recall having seen any movie of the romantic genre where the entire composition was so packed and the kept the audience waiting. The pace of the movie was not of a thriller though and built up gradually till the dramatic scene before the interval where the husband tries to suffocate her sleeping wife with a pillow.
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Murphy's Barfi

16 Sep

Had to do a little of browsing to understand what is this controversy regarding the Barfi connection with Murphy Radio.

It seems to be something out of the Seventies when radios were considered gadgets! Murphy Radio was a popular radio brand from Murphy Enterprises. In their print-ads, they featured a chubby boy called Murphy Baby. Now, the Murphy Baby became as iconic as the Amul Girl, the Nirma Girl or the Air India Maharaja. It became so popular and household that families use to paste cutouts of the Murphy Munna on their walls when women were expecting.

Murphy Radio was forgotten when radios were thrown into obsolescence. The owners were sleeping till suddenly woken up when they

Murphy Barfi

heard their brand name in the songs of the movie. I could not find much information on the Mumbai based Murphy Enterprises in news. No doubt they have realized this is a good chance to make some quick buck or atleast get some publicity out of it. They have filed a case seeking stay order on the movie complaining that the movie producers did not seek their permission before using their brand. Some dusting of old files must have been done to get the trademark registration papers. Continue reading

Inflection Point in quality of Bengali Movies

26 Sep

Suddenly there is a remarkable inflection in the quality of Bengali movies being developed. Now, its not just that one Rituparno or Anjan Duta movie that aims to be different once in a while. I can name atleast 7-8 recent movies that have not just been watchable but entertaining and left me thinking.. The quality of the story, acting, music everything has remarkably improved. Its clear, that the talent was always there, what was lacking was realization market for GOOD commercial movies exist. As expected, people are filling halls and appreciating the good work all around. Its good that the change is not just in politics.

Movies I watched recently!

26 Dec

It has been already about a month since I subscribed to the BigFlix Online Movie Rental service. The experience has been quite good i.e I did not have any problem with scratched DVDs or delayed delivery. The BigFlix guy is at my door every day at almost the same time.

I have stopped watching HBO or Star Movies almost entirely as I always have a DVD to finish so that I can get a new one the next day. 🙂

List of movies I have watched :

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29 Nov

BigflixI did not blog for quite some time now! I was too lazy to develop on a new blog idea, put in the work on it and post it. For quite some time, the weeks are just flying by with me looking ahead to the weekends, the weekends are flying past faster. So, this weekend I decided to do something more active than lying on my back entire days. What did I do? Well, nothing to blog about! But yesterday, I registered at the Relaince movie rental service to add some fun to the evenings ahead when I come back from office and have nothing much to do. Continue reading

Movie:Madly Bangalee

31 May

Nowadays, we usally Google for what we are looking for. Google Trends gives  an idea of whatmost netizens are looking for. I find the Trends interesting and regularly keep an eye on it to keep myself updated with the rest of the netizens.


Just now, I found Madly Bangalee to have made to the list!

So what is Madly Bangalee? It is the latest movie from Anjan Dutta. It is a rock musical with songs by Roopam Islam, Anjan himself and other rock bands from Kolkata. The music director is Anjan’s son Neel Dutt. The music was released last week in the open parking lot infront of New Market and was atteneded by renowned director Mrinal Sen!
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