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The new airlines and the old

7 Jul

AirAsia is the newest airline in Indian domestic skies and its creating some news about its promise of disruptive fares. I believe the largest low-cost carrier in Asia in terms of fleet size and passengers carried will have some affect in the industry here when it launches in October although it will focus in South India.

While reading about AirAsia, I went to this page on Wikipedia List of Airlines of India. Apart from the list of currently registered airlines, it also has a list of defunct airlines. It is a interesting reading with names like Himalayan Aviation and Indian National Airways which existed before independence and were nationalized to merge with Indian Airlines after 1947.

Murphy's Barfi

16 Sep

Had to do a little of browsing to understand what is this controversy regarding the Barfi connection with Murphy Radio.

It seems to be something out of the Seventies when radios were considered gadgets! Murphy Radio was a popular radio brand from Murphy Enterprises. In their print-ads, they featured a chubby boy called Murphy Baby. Now, the Murphy Baby became as iconic as the Amul Girl, the Nirma Girl or the Air India Maharaja. It became so popular and household that families use to paste cutouts of the Murphy Munna on their walls when women were expecting.

Murphy Radio was forgotten when radios were thrown into obsolescence. The owners were sleeping till suddenly woken up when they

Murphy Barfi

heard their brand name in the songs of the movie. I could not find much information on the Mumbai based Murphy Enterprises in news. No doubt they have realized this is a good chance to make some quick buck or atleast get some publicity out of it. They have filed a case seeking stay order on the movie complaining that the movie producers did not seek their permission before using their brand. Some dusting of old files must have been done to get the trademark registration papers. Continue reading

Interesting Stats

7 May

Just came across an interesting piece of stats on the current Business India issue.

  • Number of years an average Indian and an average Chinese will have to work to buy a 100 sq m home in a prime location in Mumbai and Shanghai: 308 & 233
  • Number of years an average American and an average Singaporean will have to work to buy a 100 sq m home in a prime location in Manhattan and Singapore: 48 & 43
The stats is sourced from Bloomberg research, April 2012.


Breakout Nations

28 Apr

I just watched a good discussion on the book Breakout Nations by Ruchir Sharma on NDTV hosted by Prannoy Roy. It was interesting to listen to young and talented Ruchir on how he has arrived at his list of nations that will stand out, the Breakout Nations as he calls it.Ruchir on NDTV

To arrive on this list, he has relied on his own  theories but based on actual data. The theories he has developed like the Four Seasons Theory discussed on the show are a deviation from the theories economists harp on while pronouncing their complicated judgements. But clearly, the theories have a basis and clubbed with Ruchir’s insights developed during his extensive travels across the world as a fund manager in a top financial company add muscle to his views.Breakout Nations by Ruchir Sharma

The show also had Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Sunil Mittal and Y Venugopal Reddy. Some interesting views were discussed. One fantastic statement that was discussed which is also in the book was Sunil’s claim that he has not been asked to pay a bribe even once in all of the 17 African countries he is currently doing business.

Another interesting point made by Ruchir in the book which was discussed was that the businessmen in India are finding it difficult to invest in India which is resulting a flight of capital out of the country.  Continue reading

How is Inflation calculated in India?

9 Oct

I had to prepare an assignment on how inflation is measured in India. So, I did some basic study online and thought about sharing the details.

In India, inflation is calculated based on the Wholesale Price Index (WPI). WPI measures changes in price of a representative basket of wholesale goods. The purpose of WPI is to monitor price movements that reflect supply and demand in industry, manufacturing and construction. This helps in analysing macroeconomic and micro-economic conditions.

India is one of the few countries that are using WPI to calculate inflation. Most of the developed countries use CPI or Consumer Price Index. There is a on-going debate on whether India should move from WPI to CPI-IW to calculate inflation.

The WPI data is published every week with a two week lag. As per widely discussed news reports, our inflation rate for Aug, 11 stands at 9.78%. So, how is this calculated.

Basically, by 9.78%, we mean the annual rate of year-on-year inflation rate based on WPI. Inflation rates are regularly updated at

The WPI data is available at

So, the formula for calculation of the inflation from WPI is (WPI, Aug 2011 – WPI Aug, 2010) * WPI Aug, 2010 *100%

(154.9-141.1)*141.1*100 gives us 9.78%.

While drafting this post, I was looking at how to add mathematical equations in WordPress posts. However, it will some time to understand.

Obama in India

3 Nov

Barrack Obama and IndiaObama is reaching Mumbai on November 6, 2010 for a 4 day trip. As usual here in India, visit of the president of United States is a big event. This will be his longest stay in a foreign country in still early days of his tenure. Moreover, by not visiting Pakistan on this tour, the US wants to send out a clear message about the importance it gives on its relations with the rising Asian power. Continue reading

Now a reality show on wrestling!

2 Aug

100-luchaEntertainment channel Colors is all set to launch yet another reality show very soon, after showcasing very popular reality shows like Big Boss, Fear Factor and the now running India’s Got Talent which is the Indian version of the the original ‘Got Talent’ which has become a successful concept across the world.

This time Colors is planning to cash in on the popularity of wrestling which is the next popular sport after cricket in India! The show named 100% Lucha is a takeoff on a successful Argentinian show of the same name. Continue reading

Pee on the wall and dont be ashamed!

2 Aug

Its a common sight in most cities in India to find people peeing in almost every street side corner. Public awareness campaigns carried out by newspapers have managed to inject some amount of shame into the civic(!) creatures and made them hold themselves till they reach one of the public toilets or the Sulabh Souchalayas. However, the problem is far from solved and street corners and public walls still stink.

Now, here is a solution to a problem plaguing most municipalities in India for so long that they have given up worrying about it. Continue reading

A Lifetime Eclipse

19 Jul

July 22, 2009 is going to be one special day in our lives being the day of the longest total solar eclipse of our lifetime. The eclipse will commence soon after sunrise starting in the Gulf of Cambay at Surat, Gujarat and then pan across India. The shadow of the moon will be so large during this eclipse that even at sunrise the duration of totality will be over three minutes. The shadow very quickly moves across the breadth of India towards Arunachal Pradesh. It spans a third of the entire path in India, 900 km out of 2,500 km. Continue reading

Bandra Worli Sea Link

7 Jun


UPDATE: The bridge is to be opened by Congress President Sonia Gandhi on June 30,2009.

Finally, the much hyped infrastructure masterpiece Bandra Worli Sea Link is to opened in the middle of this month after a five year delay. Started in 2001, the construction of the 5.6 km sea link was embroiled in numerous issues like logistical, environmental clearance and public interest litigation, leading to its delay and cost escalation.

And tourist operators are busy trying to get permission to get permission to halt their tourist buses on the bridge! Continue reading