Google Sites Custom URL

3 Oct

It is really a pain to get the Custom URL working in Google Sites. If you are caught in the dreaded loop of ” this address is already in use” while trying to map “www” of your custom domain to the landing page of the site you have created on Google Sites, you are set to spend the next few hours trying to getting it working unless you are lucky. Everytime I tried to do this with my sites, I got stuck.

There are a number of Google product forum pages as well as personal sites trying to help out with a lot of detail. But, I have unearthed a stupid workaround while rummaging through the heap of information available which works in my cases. I am posting it here more as a personal reference in case I get stuck again later on.

1. Go to

2. Set the google pages url to www

3. In the next page where it asks to change the DNS settings, select that “I have completed these steps” without making any actual changes to the DNS.

4. Immediately reset the pages url to something like oldpages

5. Now, try mapping your Google Sites page to www and it will work.

Uff! What a relief!

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