Murphy's Barfi

16 Sep

Had to do a little of browsing to understand what is this controversy regarding the Barfi connection with Murphy Radio.

It seems to be something out of the Seventies when radios were considered gadgets! Murphy Radio was a popular radio brand from Murphy Enterprises. In their print-ads, they featured a chubby boy called Murphy Baby. Now, the Murphy Baby became as iconic as the Amul Girl, the Nirma Girl or the Air India Maharaja. It became so popular and household that families use to paste cutouts of the Murphy Munna on their walls when women were expecting.

Murphy Radio was forgotten when radios were thrown into obsolescence. The owners were sleeping till suddenly woken up when they

Murphy Barfi

heard their brand name in the songs of the movie. I could not find much information on the Mumbai based Murphy Enterprises in news. No doubt they have realized this is a good chance to make some quick buck or atleast get some publicity out of it. They have filed a case seeking stay order on the movie complaining that the movie producers did not seek their permission before using their brand. Some dusting of old files must have been done to get the trademark registration papers.

UTV, the producers of the movie surely does not mind the legal controversy adding some juice which translates into more news space which is vital during the first few days of any movie. Bollywood seems to have this liking for controversy. Any publicity is good these days for high budget movies, be it rave reviews or controversies.

Murphy Enterprises are also suddenly back into limelight thanks to the movie. The online media is abuzz with the story. One of the articles even straced a connection between the two. The boy who featured as Murphy Baby is now the husband of Mandakini, the yesteryear actress. Mandakini, the article points out, was discovered by Raj Kapoor. Ranbir is the grandson of the great Raj Kapoor.  More, the merrier for the producers, no doubt!

Sharmila Tagore Murphy Radio

Barfi jab amma ji ki kokh mein tha soya

Amman ne murfi ka radio mangaya

Murfi jaisa lalla amma ka tha sapna

Munna jab haule-halue duniya mein aaya

Baba ne Ceylon wala station 

Radio on hua amma off hui

Toota har sapna

Oh o ye..


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