29 July, 1911

8 Aug

I hardly get time to maintain my existing websites. However,  I just entered into a new one. Ideated by Dad, I registered www.29july1911.in to create a  mini website on the great day celebrated as Mohun Bagan Day every year on which Mohun Bagan won the IFA Shiled for the first time.

Mohun Bagan 1911 Team

This year, we celebrate the centenary year of the great victory of the green and maroon XI led by Shibdas Bhaduri playing barefoot against the all British East Yorkshire regiment 2-1 to win the Shield. It was not just a victory on the playing field, it aroused nationalistic pride more than any contemporary event. It infused energy into the freedom movement against British Raj and gave the youth the courage to think that the impossible is possible.

We plan to do a bit of research on the day and then put up a mini website on it. If anyone has any information to share on the subject or want to get involved in the project, please mail me.

Well, I also look forward to the soon to be relased Bengali movie titled Egaro ‘Egaro’ (The Eleven) that tells the fascinating story of the epic victory. The music of the movie was released on 29th July this year in the annual club function.

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