29 Nov

BigflixI did not blog for quite some time now! I was too lazy to develop on a new blog idea, put in the work on it and post it. For quite some time, the weeks are just flying by with me looking ahead to the weekends, the weekends are flying past faster. So, this weekend I decided to do something more active than lying on my back entire days. What did I do? Well, nothing to blog about! But yesterday, I registered at the Relaince movie rental service to add some fun to the evenings ahead when I come back from office and have nothing much to do.

Bigflix is the largest online/offline movie rental service launched sometime back Reliance Big Entertainment. I was visiting the website for quite some time now and liked the idea of my favourite movies delivered to my home. Not sure of how it exactly worked and lazy enough to read the FAQ and the details, I simply moved on. Yesterday, I decided to check out the details and finally subscribed to the Quarterly Unlimited Disc Plan (with 1 month free thrown in by Mastercard) by paying a thousand and three hundred bucks. There is a 14 day trial offer going on but I decided to go for the full thing.

Bigflix currently has about 20,000 titles in English, Hindi and other regional languages and not just in movies but also documentaries and plays! I browsed through the online library and set my preferences and added some movies to my queue. Browsing through the site was not a good experience as it was painfully slow and seemed not to support Google Chrome browser. However, the huge collection of old, new, classic and latest releases made up for that.

After completing the online payment, I thought of checking out Mouthshut for reviews on Biglflix. The reviews were not at all encouraging and I thought that I made a mistake. Today morning I got a call that my movie was coming and within an hour the Bigflix Man was there at my doorstep! I got my first rented DVD – The Bucket List! I was impressed of the promptness and look forward to enjoying quite a few movies.

I enjoyed the movie today afternoon. The disc was scratchless and the print was fine. The start was good and I hope for the best. I have decided to blog about the movies I watch now regularly. My review of The Bucket List will be another post.

Now that I have subscribed to Bigflix, I have one more reason not to delay my plan to buy a LCD TV for my room!

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