LifeSize has launched software based HD Video Conferencing

20 Jun

lifesize-logoLifeSize Communications on Monday rolled out high-definition video conferencing software designed to extend boardroom video conferencing systems outside the office.

The software has been designed primarily to meet the demands of LifeSize customers, both large and small enterprises, who want to extend their existing vide0-conferencing systems installed in their board rooms to allow their executives on the road.

According to the company, LifeSize Desktop can work with off-the-shelf web cams. It can deliver a HD video decode at 720p, 30 frames per second, in full 16:9 format, as well as HD audio with echo cancellation.

The company says that it has been designed for performance and efficiency, plus it has a low CPU utilization so that HD video calls can take place, even with multiple concurrent applications running on the PC.

The LifeSize Desktop application is designed for use on standard Windows XP and Vista systems, including laptops, particularly for employees who work at home or on the road, said Michael Helmbrecht, director of product management.

“In the past video conferencing was a painful experience,” he told Techworld. “But the bandwidth is now available and affordable; processing power has changed; and disk space has helped as well. This combination has created a ‘perfect storm’ and we are seeing a big push forward for video conferencing.”

LifeSize Desktop will be available in the third quarter, starting at £165 ($270) per unit and LifeSize Desktop licences are available in packages of 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100 seat licences. A free 30-day trial software will be available for download.

Polycom has a similar product, PVX, but without the high definition support.  It is cheaper than LifeSize Desktop and is widely used.

Aethra also has a desktop video conferencing solution called Hydra. Hydra is license-free and comes for a one-time cost. This is especially beneficial in companies with higher number of mobile users.

About LifeSize : LifeSize Communications is a high definition video and audio communication company that provides HD video endpoints, infrastructure and management solutions for all types of organizations. LifeSize is a privately held, venture-funded company located in Austin, Texas.

About Polycom: Polycom is a multinational corporation with more than 2,500 employees worldwide and an annual revenue of almost $1.1 billion in 2008. The company manufacturers and sells Telepresence, Videoconferencing, and Voice Communications solutions.

About Aethra: Aethra was founded in December 1972 by Giulio Viezzoli, President of Aethra, with the aim of becoming an international market leader in the telecommunications industry. Aethra has been utilizing digital technology since the 1970s, and the company first developed ISDN products, terminations and videoconferencing systems, in the 1980s. Over the past decade, Aethra has focused on the development of a wide range of video communication solutions, satisfying the requirements of many different sectors. Siemens Enterprise Communications Pvt. Ltd. has a strategic alliance with Aethra Telecomunicazioni, Italy to offer a range of video and audio conferencing solutions in India.

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