Slumdog to Slumrider!

31 May

I have never seen a funnier news report photograph ever! Have you?

The image is leeched from this report that says :

slumdog_millionaireA bulldozer and about 30 men leveled 18 shanties in the Garib Nagar slum where 10-year-old Azhar and his family live. But they left Azharuddin house standing. His father now says he’s feeling bad for his neighbours.

“I’m feeling very bad. They should have at least had broken a little bit of my house,” said Azhar’s father Mohammed Ismail.

Perhaps it’s the prospect of moving from the shanties to owning two homes. Slumdog kid Azhar’s father sings a different tune from two weeks ago when his home was last demolished by civic authorities.

Bulldozers visited Garib Nagar yet again, but this time the only shanty left standing was Azhar’s.

“They have not broken his house because he is a star,” said a local resident.

Now, this is some extreme. The BMC officers leave Azhar’s slumshed because he is a child star and demolish the rest of the shanty. What will they do there? I think they are upto someting – like maybe turning the area into a tourist spot and cashing into the Slumdog hoopla!

But I cant take my eyes away from the picture! What is Azhar upto? And why is he wearing that helmet while riding a bicycle!

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