Movie:Madly Bangalee

31 May

Nowadays, we usally Google for what we are looking for. Google Trends gives  an idea of whatmost netizens are looking for. I find the Trends interesting and regularly keep an eye on it to keep myself updated with the rest of the netizens.


Just now, I found Madly Bangalee to have made to the list!

So what is Madly Bangalee? It is the latest movie from Anjan Dutta. It is a rock musical with songs by Roopam Islam, Anjan himself and other rock bands from Kolkata. The music director is Anjan’s son Neel Dutt. The music was released last week in the open parking lot infront of New Market and was atteneded by renowned director Mrinal Sen!

According to a movie website:

Neon. Pablo. Baaji. Benji. Four friends who banded together in a Bangla Rock Band. But the world did not want them to Rock ‘n’ Roll. Sounds familiar ? Wait – there’s more. There is pre-marital sex and pregnancy. There is gun violence. Communal tensions between Hindus and Muslims. And the rockers approach the world like a battlefield.

Billed as the first Bangla Rock Musical, obviously this new Bengali movie is overflowing with originality, and not lacking in a single element that is squarely designed with the box office in mind targeted to the newly liberated Bengali youth.

Cast And Crew


Supriya Devi , Biswajit Chakraborty , Chandan Sen , Aparajita Auddy , Sudipa Basu , Siddhartha Chatterjee , Baisakhi Marjit , Pijush , Lew Hilt

Directed by

Anjan Dutt


Indraneel Mukherjee


Neel Dutt


Arghyakamal Mitra

Art Direction

Gautam Bose

Production Company

Bagaria Entertainment Pvt Ltd

The trailer left a bad taste in my mouth and if this is intended for the newly liberated Bengali youth, I prefer to remain unenlightened. I hope the movie is better than the trailer atleast. The music appears to be good though. I liked the “I can do, anything for you” sung by Roopam and lyrics by Anjan Dutta.

Review in The Statesman

ExpressIndia Review (They gave the movie two stars compared to just two to Angels and Demons)

Excerpt from the review :

The characters, easily, are what holds the film together. Complemented by the cast, Madly Bangalee, leaves you with a strange and warm feeling of déjà vu, of having lived the confusion, of having survived the meaningless euphoria. Soumyak Kanti as the cocky, talented yet stuck-up poet-musician, rudely flawed by a ton-and-a-half of ego makes it difficult to imagine anybody else stepping into Pablo’s shoes. Tanaji effortlessly slips in and out of the two lives Neon leads in the film — that of a calm, brooding guitarist and that of a moody, swearing boy dealing with substance abuse. Sumeet delivers a controlled performance as a level-headed young boy, straight off the slums seeking refuge in his music. Anubrata as the bungling, smart alecky Benji who ends up impregnating his seventeen-year-old precocious girlfriend Joy is totally entertaining. Saswata Chatterjee is an actor above par, he proves again in the film.

This is not the first time Dutt tries defining his Bengali, the Bengali of our times, in cinema. Nor is this his maiden brush with music and Kolkata, on screen. While his subjects lend themselves extraordinarily to clichés – Dutt manages to take the path around them and find the Kolkata that now lives off flyovers and manipulated rock music competitions.

His ‘Bangali’ girl doesn’t fill up buckets over an abortion, his Bengali father weeps in front of his teenage son, his Bengali boy catches up on life over whiskey with the dad. His Bengali has finally pushed the textbook aside. And how.

Excerpt from the Times of India Review :

Dutt’s expertise behind the camera comes through in the manner in which he weaves the sub-plots aided by excellent cinematography that captures the very essence of the musically-inclined city and its seasons. But the director can still tug at one’s heartstrings with his act before the camera, stealing the show with his portrayal of Sam’s cool demeanour till he reaches a breaking point in his relationship with Pablo.

Facebook Profile of Madlee Bengalee

After reading two positive reviews on the movie, I look forward to hearing more about the movie but I will prefer to stay away from the theatres. With no Bollywood movie releasing, this is will be the only option for the target audience of the movie – the college students exposed to the fun world of college fests and rock music and they will surely like this movie.

I am looking forward to the Byomkesh movie that Anjan Dutta is working on and is said to be released later this year though.

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