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23 May

logo_siemensAfter moving on to SECPL (Siemens Enterprise Communications Pvt. Ltd.) in January, I had a rocky few months adjusting to a new environment, understanding the products in a totally new field and missing marketing electronic security which I was beginning to enjoy so much.

Recently, after successfully implementing two small projects I feel a bit relaxed and at the same time raring to go with a bit of confidence up my sleeve because I feel I am beginning to understand what this new stuff is all about.

Now, since my job still pays more than my blog, its time to do some net-savvy marketing. Let me introduce you to the company I work for. It hardly needs introduction. Let me tell where we stand today.

Siemens Enterprise Communications is today one of the leaders in enterprise communication solutions with more than 14,000 employees in 80 countries carrying on the tradition of voice and data excellence started more than 160 years ago with Werner von Siemens and the invention of the pointer telegraph. We are now part of the SEN Group which is a joint venture between the private equity firm, The Gores Group, and Siemens AG and incorporates Siemens Enterprise Communications, Enterasys Networks, SER Solutions, Cycos and iSEC. In fiscal 2008, The SEN Group generated revenues of approximately 3.21 billion Euros.

We at Siemens offer to clients looking for seamless, open and green communication networks all the elements needed for their enterprise communication infrastructure – voice, data and  video.

openstage-80With 160 years of expertise to bank on and a new found enthusiasm to innovate and develop cutting edge technologies ready for the market, SECPL is today trusted globally as a leader in “Unified & Open Communications” solutions.

As a testimony of the trust that most companies globally have on us when it comes to deliver reliable communication solutions, I will like to put forward a few stats from a recently released brochure.

  • 160 years of experience in telecommunications
  • Cutting-edge technologies for unified communications
  • 1.2 million direct and indirect customers in 120 countries
  • Some 150,000 calls a minute worldwide are initiated over lines provided by the SEN Group
  • We install around 1,000 new end-user devices a day for our customers
  • Around three quarters of the Global 500 companies use our solutions and services

That is some facts. Now take this.

We are…

  • No. 1 in Germany with 32% (market share of lines)
  • No. 1 in Europe with 14%
  • No. 1 in India with16%
  • No. 2 in LAM with 14%
  • No. 2 in Argentina with 17%
  • No. 2 in Brazil with 27%

(Source: MZA, 2008)

So what do we bring to the table when you give us a call to discuss your communications infrastructure. We not just sell you a EPABX but we understand, design and deploy an enterprise solution, that is based on the 7 principles of Open Communication – Unified Communication, IT-Based Communications, Fixed Mobile Convenience, Business Process Integration, Rich User Experience, Business Continuity & Integrity and Open Service Delivery.

So, the next time there is a communications requirement (EPABX & IP-PBX Voice Solutions | Multi-Point Video Conference Solutions | Wired & Wireless Network Design and Deployment) call the communication guys at Siemens. You know how…email me at dey.sourish@siemens.com.

(The facts and figures were borrowed from the Facts and Figures, Communication for the open minded brochure released by the SEN Group.)

This was just an introduction. I will continue blogging about our products and solutions.

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