Any suggestion for Free Email for custom domain?

26 Aug

I had been using custom domain from my college days and always liked sharing my own email IDs. Registering domains have become straightforward and cheap but the use of custom domain for email by individuals has not caught on.

Earlier Google Apps which is now renamed as Google Suite used to offer free email for own domain and luckily I have an active account from that time which allows me to continue using my email IDs

I recently tried searching for similar free service providers but did not find any reliable service. Zoho Mail seems to be the only option which allows 5 free accounts. I am planning to check out the service soon.

Any other such service which can be relied upon for long term usage for personal use for free or at minimal cost?

Wishes of a frequent flyer!

23 May

A couple of flights a week is such a routine in the life of working professionals today, especially those in sales profiles like me. Kissing good-bye early morning to your sleeping daughter every few days is not easy. Even after following the same routine for years and accepting it as part of life, it never gets easy to wake up and quickly get ready for the early morning flight to reach the destination on time by the first working hour. Then comes the hassle of explaining the grumpy cab driver, usually on the first or last trip of his working day, the directions to your destination which he can easily see in his driver’s app but chooses to not start driving to the location till you call.

This brings me to the first wish, traveling to the airport especially just at daybreak would have been so much easy had there been a cheaper option to park my personal vehicle at the airport for a couple of days. Add to this the benefit of straight walking out of the airport and drive your vehicle home. Anyone who has reached Kolkata late into the evening knows the trouble of getting a cab ahead of everyone else arriving, the irritation of having to pay a fare surged by few times citing rush hour by the cab operators and eventually waiting for at least fifteen minutes for the cab to arrive when you just want to get home and sleep.

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Officer’s Kitchen

22 Dec

2017 has been an interesting for year with great moments. One of the best experiences has been our successful endeavour to open a restaurant and corporate catering Services company in Kolkata along with friends and family. Check out the website at

Blog on Smart Cities Mission

16 Aug

I have just created a blog on collating and curating information on the technology going behind making smart cities. This is a personal development initiative that I have taken up to be aware of the latest developments going on.

The news articles will be mostly sourced from other blogs or portals with my views added to it. I plan to add more contributors as the blog grows.

Micro-USB is going out

24 Jul

And it is making way for the new and promising USB-C connector. I was ignoring this development until I bought Xiaomi Mi5 (upgraded from Xiaomi Mi4) and the new phone came with a different type of connector. 

My initial reaction was why do I now need to have a different cable for my phone after all these years of peace when I could plug-in any micro usb cable for data transfer or charging. 

I went online and found that instead of being an irritant, this new connector at one end of the same cable is the next big thing in phone world. The first advantage that I read and then checked with my phone is that the connector need not be flipped to align with the phone correctly. USB Type C is reversible, i.e there is no top side to it. This is an advantage mainly in the dark when you are trying to plug in your phone to charge overnight and it’s not going in. But there are more advantages to it, otherwise why will someone just change the whole thing ao that people can easily put thier phone to charge in the dark!

As I plugged in to charge, it took just 90 minutes for a full charge and I said wow! That’s cool! So, this is the first cable which is geared for power and not just charging. My phone has a 3000 mAh battery. Tabketsand power banks have even larger batteries and it is important that they charge quickly but safely. USB Type C connectors supporting USB 3.1 standard bridges that gap between the ever growing size of batteries and the rates at which it can be charged.

It betters the old cable in data transfer rates as well. It supports USB 3.1 which support a blazing 10 gigabits per second. So transferrimg movies to the phone storage to watch during the flight will be done in a jiffy.

Now, all this is good. But I will not be able to use cables and chargers borrowed from others at office! What I understood from reading online reviews is that soon others will be using USB Type C too as most manufacturers are adopting it because of the impressive list of advantages. Even Apple famed at its proprietary cables are changing to USB Type C both for charging and data transfer in their laptops. As more and more devices adopt USB Type C, there will be again peace in the world and you can use any of your cables and use them on your phone, laptoo or tablet till in 3-4 years you get something new again. Let’s hope it goes wireless next time.

Movies on Google Play

20 Jul

I have recently been subscribing and watching to a few movies on Google Play. At INR 25 to INR 80, the rates within which I got my choice of old classics or popular movies from 10 ,years back, I found Google Play to be quite economical.

As suggested by my brother, after subscribing to the movies from the mobile Google Play app, I went to the Youtube app on my LG Smart TV and found the movies in the Library easily. With the display connected on my home broadband wifi, the viewing was a good experience. The display is connected to a Sony Home Theatre System which gave it a theatre like experience at home on my bed.

Now, it clearly seemed to be a better choice than downloading movies on torrent all through the night. It means keeping the laptop on for long hours and there is always the uncertainty of the quality of the movie downloaded. I have also faced issues where the movie downloaded has turned out to be a crude hall copy or worse – dubbed in a different language!!! 

Result-oriented Test Captain

27 Mar

I was going through some Cricinfo Stats on most capped Test Captain. I was somewhat struck by the number of draws by Kapil Dev which is a staggering 22 of the 34 Test Matches he had captained. I tried to figure out who were the most result-oriented captains as per lowest number of draws. I just copied the stats provided in the Cricinfo page and added a percentage of draws coloumn to the right and ranked the captains accordingly. The result is in the attached PDF file (Result Oriented Test Captains).

The Top 10 International Result-Oriented Test Captains (Minimum 25 Matches)

Rank Player Span Mat
1 SR Waugh (Aus) 1999-2004 57
2 WM Woodfull (Aus) 1930-1934 25
3 RT Ponting (Aus) 2004-2010 77
4 MJ Clarke (Aus) 2011-2014 37
5 Wasim Akram (Pak) 1993-1999 25
6 ST Jayasuriya (SL) 1999-2002 38
7 DPMD Jayawardene (SL) 2006-2013 38
8 MA Taylor (Aus) 1994-1999 50
9 BC Lara (WI) 1997-2006 47
10 MS Dhoni (India) 2008-2014 53

It is no surprise that the last 3 Australian Test Captains are all in the top bracket. Mark Taylor, Steve Waugh and Ricky Ponting have led Australia through their Golden Age which is evident from their stunning 62.50% Winning record. A W/L ratio of 3.03 is no revealation of the fact that during the period from 1994 – 2010 they were the side to beat. They were undoubtedly result-oriented with only 16.85% of the matched Australia played in the 16 years during the trio’s captaincy resulting in draws. It speaks volumes of their captaincy as well as the winning appetite of the Australian cricket system.

CricketMS Dhoni is now in that club with Rank 10. If only he could better his overseas captaincy record somewhat, he will undoubtedly end-up as one of the most result-oriented captains of the present generation along with MJ Clarke (Aus).

I then did the same with the List of Indian Test Captains. The criteria was a minimum of 5 matches as captain and atleast 1 win.

The Top Indian Result-Oriented Test Captians 

Rank Player Span Mat
1 BS Bedi 1976-1978 22
2 MS Dhoni 2008-2014 53
3 Nawab of Pataudi 1962-1975 40
4 DB Vengsarkar 1987-1989 10
5 SC Ganguly 2000-2005 49
6 GS Ramchand 1959-1960 5
7 M Azharuddin 1990-1999 47
8 A Kumble 2007-2008 14
9 R Dravid 2003-2007 25
10 L Amarnath 1947-1952 15
11 SR Tendulkar 1996-2000 25
12 PR Umrigar 1955-1958 8
13 AL Wadekar 1971-1974 16
14 VS Hazare 1951-1953 14
15 SM Gavaskar 1976-1985 47
16 N Kapil Dev 1983-1987 34
17 NJ Contractor 1960-1962 12

Kapil Dev is Rank 51 in this list of International Captains and Rank 16 in the List of Indian captains. This does not speak much of the quality of his captaincy. Rather, it shows the nature of Indian game play during that period (1983 -87). Md. Azharuddin who was the next regular Test Captain after Kapil Dev, somewhat changed the system but it was ultimately Sourav Ganguly who brought-in the culture of winning which is evident from the following:

Player Span Mat Won Lost Tied Draw %D
N Kapil Dev 1983-1987 34 4 7 1 22 64.71%
M Azharuddin 1990-1999 47 14 14 0 19 40.43%
SR Tendulkar 1996-2000 25 4 9 0 12 48.00%
SC Ganguly 2000-2005 49 21 13 0 15 30.61%
R Dravid 2003-2007 25 8 6 0 11 44.00%
A Kumble 2007-2008 14 3 5 0 6 42.86%
MS Dhoni 2008-2014 53 26 14 0 13 24.53%

Bishen Singh Bedi remains the most result-0riented captain as per the following criteria till date. However, I left him out as it was not the times to compare with the team having won only 6 of the 22 matches he captained in.

(The complete list is attached.)


Finally NET4 Helpdesk understood

3 Feb

Finally got Net4 Helpdesk to understand what I wanted. After months of trying to convince them that it had nothing to do with Google Sites, I managed to make them forward the naked domain of to the www subdomain which was pointed to Google Sites. The threat to transfer all my domains (4 currently) to some other service provider worked, it seems.
I also managed to map my newly registered domain with easily through the Google Sites settings. It was good to see that it allows mapping multiple custom domains without any problem. Also, updated the site a bit and added a new page on Mohun Bagan Ratna recipients, makes me feel happy. Hopefully, with the new domain the website will attract some more traffic.

Every weakness can be a Strength

11 Sep

I found this on Facebook and liked it.

Adobe Reader now best .pdf reader for WP8

19 Aug

Finally, the folks at Adobe spares some time for the WP8 platform. The much awaited feature of being able to open .pdf files from SD Card is added with the latest update.
Now, I can organize my .pdf files in multiple levels of folders inside the SD Card and access the same for the Adobe app.
Everything works smooth. I tested on number of files. It only failed to open a 650MB scanned Calvin Hobbes Comic which I understand must be a issue with the file size. Otherwise, I feel happy now that I can open all my pdf on my phone.